About Me

•Mousse Mouse
•New Zealand
•Sanrio, Shoujo, Retro Anime
•Animal Crossing, Okami, Pokemon
•Warrior Cats
•Anime: Princess Tutu, Mermaid Melody, Tokyo Mew Mew, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Maid-Sama, Princess Mononoke
Art Inspirations:
•Rumiko Takahashi
•Arina Tanemura
•Princess Mononoke


Where are you most active?
Can I repost your art?
•Do not repost without permission. Please ask first!!
Are commissions open?
•Check on my online store for availability.
What art tools do you use?
•Clip Studio Paint
•16" Wacom Cintiq
•Cricut explore air 2
•Feel free to ask me about what tools I use


Working On:•None!To do List:•None!Finished:•Commission for kerrysrosecastle
•Commission for Nozolin
•Commission for what-a-snacc
•Commission for SyreneVT
•Commission for drsleep1998
•Commission for yukyluu
•Commission for anochu.jpg
•Commission for zankyouuno (x2)
•Commission for hank-pym
•Commission for the-president-of-pizza
•Commission for titechise
•Commission for m1stybear
Last Comm Was Finished: 16th May 2022


New Zealand Cons

Armageddon - Auckland
•Comic/Anime Convention
•Auckland - ASB Showgrounds
•Table location: A5 (Artist Alley)
Overload - Auckland
•Anime Convention
•Auckland - The Cloud
•23rd April 2022
•Table location: A2